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The Wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas Helps Catholics Build Habits of Virtue

[Exton, PA, January 20, 2023—]

Saintly Habits presents 7 clear and simple strategies from the writing of St. Thomas Aquinas to increase Catholics’ understanding of virtue and how to live it out each day.

From theologian Andrew Whitmore comes Saintly Habits: Aquinas’ 7 Simple Strategies You Can Use to Grow in Virtue, a summary of virtue theory complete with anecdotes, practical suggestions, and relatable analogies for Catholics seeking to grow in holiness.

“This book was written not to revive an old intellectual concept, but so that we can be transformed, ” writes Whitmore. “It was written not only to reclaim an understanding of virtue, but to develop a life of virtue.”

A theology professor, husband, and father, Whitmore encourages Catholics to answer the call of the Church to increase their knowledge of the virtues in order to live a life inspired by the cultivation of virtue and the avoidance of vice.

Saintly Habits, featuring the Thomistic symbolism of the ox, leads readers through St. Thomas Aquinas’ theology of virtues, habits, and vices, making the wisdom of this prudent and thoughtful saint accessible to the everyday believer and applicable to daily life.

Saintly Habits is available now at www.AscensionPress.com/SaintlyHabits.

Praise for Saintly Habits

Stacey Sumereau, host of the Called and Caffeinated podcast, writes:

“I’ve often wanted a book that both explains theology clearly AND makes it practical. This one is a gem. Dr. Whitmore’s explanations don’t water down the theology yet are easy for busy people to grasp. And the value doesn’t stop there—I loved the strategies that made everything totally practical. If you want to find the motivation to finally break bad habits and gain consistency, Saintly Habits is an absolute must!”

William C. Mattison III, a theology professor and a senior advisor for theological formation in the Alliance for Catholic Education at the University of Notre Dame, writes with praise:

“With Saintly Habits, Andrew Whitmore joins the ranks of Catholic thinkers such as Peter Kreeft, philosophically and theologically sophisticated thinkers who present important aspects of the Catholic intellectual tradition in an accessible manner to a broader audience.”

Fr. Luke Wilgenbusch, the director of vocations for the Diocese of Nashville, offers his own endorsement:

“Dr. Andrew Whitmore’s book Saintly Habits: Aquinas’ 7 Simple Strategies You Can Use to Grow in Virtue is a delightful and extraordinarily helpful book. It simultaneously serves as a practical guide to growing in virtue and a simple primer in ethics. The effective advice he gives is time-tested and grounded in the wisdom of the ages. Those who read his book will understand the key features of virtue ethics and will have a solid set of tools for putting it in place. This book is accessible for those who are just starting out and yet it does not shy away from laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning. I highly recommend it!”

Carl A. Vater, PhD, assistant professor of philosophy at Saint Vincent College, also writes:

“We talk about virtue and vice a lot, but we don’t always know what those terms mean, whether we have virtue, or how to overcome our vices. In Saintly Habits, Andrew Whitmore offers a clear and concise guide to knowing what virtue is and how to achieve it in our own lives. Each chapter focuses on one aspect of virtue and gives a solid strategy for growth in virtue. Even more helpfully, each chapter is divided into 1 – or 2 -page sections, which makes it a perfect companion for reflection during a Holy Hour and easy to read in a few quiet moments. Best of all, Whitmore shows how we can integrate our quest for virtue with our prayer lives and the life of the Church. Becoming virtuous is not a Promethean accomplishment achieved merely by our own power in isolation. It is achieved when we cooperate with God’s free gift of grace and with the aid of a true friend.”

Dr. Brett W. Smith, a theologian and tutor at Thomas Aquinas College, offers:

“In every parish, there are faithful Catholics looking for ways to grow in virtue, even though they may know little about what virtue is or how it works. Saintly Habits answers both needs. Having harvested the fruits of scholarly reflection on St. Thomas Aquinas’ theory of the virtues, Dr. Andrew Whitmore brings to a popular audience the essential features of Aquinas’ thought in a manner that is thoroughly accessible and practical. Each chapter provides a clear, memorable strategy for growing in virtue, combined with a lucid explanation of the concepts undergirding the strategy. Dr. Whitmore’s personal, relatable examples bring the Church’s teaching on virtue to life in a way any thoughtful Christian will appreciate. In addition to serving individuals, this book is excellent for high school and adult formation classes or small group discussions.”

Christopher P. Klofft, associate professor of theology at Assumption University, also writes:

“Andrew Whitmore has provided a practical, easy-to-follow guide for growing in holiness through growth in virtue.  Written with a warm, conversational style, Saintly Habits presents a complete introduction to the basics of Catholic morality.  The fact that the author clearly speaks from his own experience is a compelling invitation to put the book’s steps into practice.  Highly recommended for anyone interested in growing closer to Christ, understanding the wisdom of the Church’s moral tradition, and experiencing a greater sense of freedom in one’s day-to-day life.”

About Andrew Whitmore

Andrew Whitmore is a theologian with a passion for helping Catholics understand moral theology. After a profound reversion to the faith during his undergraduate, Andrew earned an advanced degree in theology from the Catholic University of America (PhD). During his studies, he specialized in St. Thomas Aquinas’ treatment of the virtues. He currently serves as an assistant professor of theology at Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia, where he teaches courses including Moral Theology, Bioethics, Christology, and Grace.

See the full bio for Andrew Whitmore here.

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