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New Program Helps Middle Schoolers “Envision” a  Life of Authentic Freedom and Love

[Exton, PA, May 23, 2024—]

Newly updated Theology of the Body program for middle school addresses tough questions about the body, identity, and sexuality with answers from the wisdom of Pope St. John Paul II.

40 years after Pope St. John Paul II (JP2) gave his final address on the “Theology of the Body” (TOB) in St. Peter’s Square, the world is still asking questions about God’s design for the human body, identity, relationships, and sexuality. The newly updated Envision: Theology of the Body for Middle School video-based program from Ascension offers middle school students accessible, faith-based answers to the TOB questions that their peers are asking about: 

  • Body image 
  • Sexual identity
  • Use of technology
  • Pressure to date 
  • Sin and reconciliation 
  • Emotional vulnerability
  • Bullying
  • Weekend culture
  • Sex and love

“Everyone–especially middle schoolers–desire to know the answers to life’s deep questions: who am I, where am I going, how should I get there, and how should I live?” says Jason Evert, nationally recognized Theology of the Body speaker and main video presenter of Envision. “John Paul II gave us his Theology of the Body to answer these fundamental questions and show us what it means to live and love in freedom of heart.”

In addition to Jason Evert, the program features authors and TOB experts Brian Butler and Colin and Aimee MacIver, along with presenters Chika Anyanwu, Sr. Mary Grace, S.V., Tanner Kalina, Mari Pablo, and others. 

Envision is composed of 8 video-based sessions with accompanying workbooks and is designed to cut through the noise of today’s culture and inspire young people to strive for a life of authentic freedom and love.

Envision is the long-awaited update to predecessor program Theology of the Body for Teens: Middle School Edition, which featured many of the same authors and presenters, including Catholic evangelist Brian Butler.

Envision speaks to middle school students at that particular academic and emotional level about issues that are highly relevant to them and their life experiences,” says Brian Butler, executive director of Echo Community and presenter for YOU, Ascension’s Theology of the Body program for high schoolers. “My fellow authors and presenters have taken great care to treat difficult topics about human sexuality with great reverence.”

Envision also respects the vital role that parents play as the first and primary educators of their children, providing resources that allow parents to tackle challenging conversations with their middle school students with confidence.

A free preview of Envision is available at  www.AscensionPress.com/Envision.

About the Theology of the Body (TOB)

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s final Wednesday audience on the topic of “human love in the divine plan,” or what would ultimately be called the Theology of the Body. While much confusion and noise pervades our modern society on this topic, John Paul II’s wisdom offers clarity and conviction about God’s design for our bodies, our identities, our relationships, and our sexuality. Explore TOB resources for adults and older teens at www.AscensionPress.com.

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