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Renee Shumay, Marketing Specialist

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible is the #1 Best-Selling Catholic Bible on Amazon

[West Chester, PA, July 3, 2019—] Ascension Press, the publisher of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible, announced that its ground-breaking new Bible has become the best selling Catholic Bible on Amazon US.  

“When The Great Adventure Catholic Bible was added to Amazon, it became the best-selling Bible on the entire website,” said Marketing Manager Josh Rudegeair. “Response for this Bible has been tremendous. It is still the best-selling Catholic Bible on Amazon, and it is one of the only Catholic Bibles in the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. Catholics love how this Bible is designed so that they can understand the ‘big picture’ story of salvation, and they love how it has been made to be ‘lived in’ with its readable font, thick paper, and wording of Jesus in red.”

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible incorporates the same color-coded Bible Timeline learning system proven effective for millions in The Great Adventure Bible studies.  Acclaimed as the Catholic Bible that teaches you how to read it, it uses a color-coded system which arranges the seventy-three books of Scripture into twelve distinct time periods making the complexity of the Bible simple.

On June 14th, The Great Adventure Catholic Bible also #1 Best Selling Bible among for a period of time

Features include:

• Twelve Timeline charts that provide a visual overview of each biblical time period

• Twelve articles that give a summary and explanation of each time period, and seven articles introducing and explaining the major covenants of salvation history, which show how God’s plan for humanity has unfolded throughout the Bible.

• Seventy call-outs provide brief descriptions of the key events in the biblical narrative.

• The words of Jesus are printed in red, and there are sixteen new full-color maps.

• The Great Adventure Catholic Bible uses the Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.

• The Bible’s reader-friendly font and fresh design, two ribbon markers, and its Alpha Cowhide® Cover make for an elegant and enjoyable reading experience.

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible was developed by a team of some of the most accomplished Catholic Scripture scholars today, including: Jeff Cavins, the creator of The Great Adventure Bible study, Mary Healy, the first woman appointed to the Pontifical Biblical Commission and a co-editor of the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, Peter Williamson, who is also a co-editor of the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, and Andrew Swafford, a senior fellow at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology.

More information on The Great Adventure Catholic Bible can be found by visiting www.ascensionpress.com.  All members of the media interested in obtaining a review copy of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible or an interview with its creators should contact Renee Shumay at newsroom@ascensionpress.com