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Renee Shumay, Marketing Specialist

Ascension Announces Another New Podcast Series

[Exton, PA, May 15, 2018—]
Faith Formation leader, Ascension, announced its second new podcast series.
The 3-5 minute weekly podcast will be called “The Tightrope” and will be hosted by popular Catholic evangelist Colin MacIver. “It will be aimed at busy adults who sometimes feel like they are walking a high wire,” said producer Marisa Beyer, “people who would like a brief reflection now and again on the “big picture” of their lives.
One to two podcasts are planned each week.“Colin is a one-man idea factory,” Beyer added. “He’s interesting and funny and very practical. In fact, many of his best ideas come right from his own personal life as a busy husband and father and part-time shopper. We’re confident he will draw a large audience right out of the gate.”
Mr. McIver and his wife, Aimee, are co-authors of the best-selling Chosen Parent’s and Sponsor’s Guide. “None of us have any time today but if you asked us, we’d all say we want a little balance in our day,” he said. “These podcasts will try to attract our listeners’ attention quickly and fight for a little space in their minds to remind them during their day of the eternal destiny we all share.”
Mr. McIver currently teaches theology at Saint Scholastica Academy in Covington, Louisiana where he also serves as religion department chair and campus minister.
“The Tightrope” can be found anywhere people listen to podcasts – iTunes, Googleplay, Stitcher, as well as visiting Ascension here.
For more information, contact Ascension at newsroom@ascensionpress.com; to learn more about Ascension’s online media, visit media.ascensionpress.com.


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