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Ascension Launches New Program to Engage Catholics and Encourage Evangelization in 2019 and Beyond

The 99 is a three-part system for evangelization aimed at kick-starting a renewal within parish walls and beyond.

[Exton, PA, June 24, 2019—] Ascension has launched a new system for evangelization called The 99 to engage Catholics and encourage them to evangelize the Church, their communities, and the culture. The system is made up of three parts, each designed to help Catholics easily organize an effective, ongoing evangelization effort within their parish walls and beyond: a short series of “mission” videos, a leadership training component, and a book. Each draws on the expertise of a group of experienced evangelization experts to help inspire Catholic individuals and groups to “go out into the deep” and share the Gospel.

“Until recent decades, evangelization wasn’t something most Catholics talked about. Then when more of us finally did start talking about it, we quickly realized it was something we weren’t really sure about. We knew the information, but we weren’t exactly sure how to share it,” says Mark Hart, author of The 99. “At a time in our world when many are interested in ‘spirituality’ and finding meaning and purpose in life, why do we feel hindered or afraid to talk about God even with those close to us? That’s where The 99 comes in.”

The 99Experience is the centerpiece of the program and features a short series of inspirational video presentations to bring Catholics together and spark prayer and conversation. The 99Masterclass features a lineup of seasoned evangelists, who share their experiences and knowledge in the field of touching hearts. Aimed at equipping leaders to become more effective in reaching and engaging people where they are at, The 99 Masterclass features presenters such as Fr. Mike Schmitz, Fr. Joshua Johnson, Sr. Miriam Heidland, and Leah Darrow. The 99 Masterclass is also designed to prepare parishes to host The 99 Experience. The third and final component is The 99 Handbook, which is a short book that makes the case that a life of faith is necessary, reasonable, and rewarding. It serves as an ideal follow-up to The 99 Experience. The goal of the program is for Catholics to experience a deeper personal connection with Christ and to motivate them to begin sharing their story and their joy with those around them.

“We all want those in our parishes to know the Lord. How can we really introduce and re-introduce people to the love of God, to the mercy of God, to the answer, the solution, the Savior who is Jesus Christ, who we all need daily?” asks Mark Hart. “Anyone who works in ministry knows that the need always seems to exceed what you have. My hope is that you’re going to see this as not just another study or program, but something more, something that can kick-start a movement or renewal within your parish walls and beyond.”

For more information on The 99, please visit www.evangelization.com

The 99 is published by Ascension, the Catholic faith formation leader. Ascension has produced acclaimed study programs, books, and free content for over 20 years, and has helped over one million Catholics on their faith journey.

To request additional information on The 99 and/or to schedule an interview with author and presenter Mark Hart, please contact Kate Bryan at: katebryan@revolutionizingmissions.com