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Ascension Launches Fulfilled: Part Two

[Exton, PA, July 26, 2018—] Ascension, the world leader in Faith Formation, released a sequel to its popular Fulfilled Program.  The new program, entitled Fulfilled: Part Two, addresses confusion and misunderstandings related to the relationship between the Old Testament tabernacle and the New Testament tabernacle – The fully human Body of the Risen Lord.

“We look at the foreshadowing cast in the Inner Sanctuary of the Old Testament tabernacle and how it is perfectly fulfilled in the New Testament in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ,” said Product Manager Allen Austin.  “What makes this program extra special is the return of Sonja Corbitt as our guide throughout this scriptural journey.  Her natural enthusiasm and dynamic on camera presence are positively electric.”

Fulfilled was originally introduced in 2017 and quickly became one of the most popular Learning Systems in Ascension history.  Thousands of study groups formed in parish halls, in school classrooms and in the living rooms of parishioners.  Fulfilled Part Two is being released as both a stand-alone and in a two pack set with Part One.

For more information on Fulfilled: Part Two, contact Ascension at 484-876-1400 or newsroom@ascensionpress.com