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Ascension Introduces Broken and Blessed

[Exton, PA, September 21, 2018—] Ascension, the world leader in Catholic Faith Formation, has announced its newest book for Catholic millennials, Broken and Blessed.  Written by Ascension’s own Fr. Josh Johnson, it speaks with charity and courage to a generation who often feels their needs and concerns are not being addressed by the Church. With well over half of young adults pulling away from the faith, many holding a strong anti-Church stance, Broken and Blessed tackles harsh realities the Church faces in the 21st century.

Fr. Johnson, who formerly struggled as a young Catholic himself, uses the book to present his own experiences and offer the inspiring witness of how he came to know God, rather than just knowing about him. While the book leads readers to understand how they can encounter Jesus in a personal way, it also gives practical insights to overcoming habitual sin and the challenges of maintaining a strong prayer life.

“Over the past four years I have been able to walk with a number Catholics who struggle in their relationship with Jesus Christ and Catholicism because of their personal brokenness and the sinfulness of other members of the Body of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church,” said Fr. Josh Johnson. “It is my desire to accompany my brothers and sisters who are struggling to remain Catholic in these times. After much prayer and discernment, I wrote ‘Broken and Blessed: An Invitation to My Generation.’ My hope with this book is that those who read it will be able to experience the love that Jesus Christ has for them and eventually begin to imitate and share His love with other members of the Church who are also struggling with sin in their walk to eternity.”

Broken and Blessed is available for purchase at Ascensionpress.com

For more information on Broken and Blessed, contact Ascension at 484-876-1400 or newsroom@ascensionpress.com


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