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Renee Shumay, Marketing Specialist

Ascension Announces New Weekly Podcast Series

[Exton, PA, June 6, 2018—]

Ascension announced today it had entered into an exclusive agreement with Fr. Josh Johnson from the diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana to launch a new weekly podcasts series.

The series will go live on Tuesdays at noon EST and will feature Fr. Josh’s homespun wisdom on wide-ranging topics of interest to young people looking for direction in their lives.

“Fr. Josh will answer questions put to him by our listeners, particularly those from our younger listeners,” said Ascension producer, Marisa Beyer. “He’ll address anything and everything – from moral dilemmas to romantic relationships, from work-life balance to questions about the Catholic faith. He’s got a great way about him and he really connects with young people.”

“There are so many young people out there looking for guidance,” Fr. Johnson said. “They don’t always have a priest to help them sort through some of the deeper, underlying issues that are troubling them. I’m hoping, and to be honest, praying, that I can be of some help there.”

The first podcast in the series went live on June 6th.

For more information, contact Ascension at newsroom@ascensionpress.com; to learn more about Ascension’s online media, visit media.ascensionpress.com.


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