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Ascension Announces Pre-sale of The Sacred That Surrounds Us

[West Chester, PA, January 30, 2019—]

Ascension, the world leader in Faith Formation, announced a
date today for a pre-sale event for its newest book – The Sacred
that Surrounds Us. The date for the pre-sale is February 11,
2019 – the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

The Sacred that Surrounds Us was written by Andrea Zachman,
an award winning author and a faith formation coordinator at
St. Michael’s Catholic Church in St. Michael, Minnesota. The
book captures the full symbolic significance of all the sacred
vessels and items found in a Catholic Church.

“Everything in a Catholic Church is there by design,” said Ms.
Zachman. “It is all there to be a powerful reminder of God’s
presence and the timeless truths of our faith. In ancient and
medieval times the faithful understood the symbolism and
history of the sacred items. Today, not so much. This book will
help re-introduce it all so we can rediscover the unique richness
and beauty that we cherish about our churches and shrines.”

Project Manager, Andrew Lanchoney said: “We think this book
will help parents explain the faith, particularly its Source and
Summit – the Holy Eucharist – to their children and
grandchildren. The author is a convert. And converts always
seem to see more deeply into some of the mysteries of the faith

and the rich symbolism of vestments, oils, candles,
incense, and statuary. It’s a gift to us who are cradle catholics
and who can be largely unaware of a lot of it.”

The Sacred that Surrounds Us will be available on the Ascension
website for pre-order on February 11 and available on Amazon
and the Ascension network of re-sellers on March 1. The retail
price will be $14.95

For more information, please contact Ascension at 484-
870-2110 or newsroom@ascensionpress.com