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Tianna Williams

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Born into a musical ministry family, Tianna Williams has always had a love for art and beauty. After dabbling in various artistic mediums during her childhood, Tianna began a career in graphic design at the age of 16. For more than a decade now, she has been honing her skills and sense of mission for bringing beauty to the Church through the visual arts.

Shortly after her marriage in 2015, Tianna picked up a paintbrush once again. What started as a few portraits of the modern saints for her daughter’s bedroom soon blossomed into a flourishing ministry and website: Sacred Art By Tianna. 

Today, Tianna is a leading Catholic artist who seeks to honor the lives of holy men and women through her paintings. She explains, “As I have painted the faces of Mary and the saints, I feel as though I have developed a beautiful friendship with these holy souls. Each one has challenged me in a unique way—one may call me to perseverance, another to patience, yet another to simplicity. Time and again I have experienced a flood of grace that has allowed me to do what I know I am not capable of. I am deeply humbled to have been called to this work, and profoundly grateful.”

Tianna lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and daughter.

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