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Mari Pablo

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Mari (Mah-dee) Pablo is known as a dynamic evangelist throughout the United States and Latin America.  Mari grew up in a devout Hispanic Catholic family in South Florida, and later adventured north to earn bachelor degrees in theology and psychology from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, as well as a master’s degree in theology from the Augustine Institute.

Mari has worked as a youth minister and high school theology teacher for over fifteen years, becoming a passionate expert in helping young Catholics encounter the love of Christ and the truth of his Church. Mari currently works for The Evangelical Catholic, supporting parishes and universities in their efforts to spread the Gospel.

Mari has contributed to several Ascension video series, including The 99, the revised edition of Chosen: Your Journey to Confirmation, and is a main presenter in Connected: Catholic Social Teaching for This Generation.  Mari is well-known for her engaging presentations at the annual Steubenville Youth Conferences and other national outlets.

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