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Chris Lewis is a Catholic illustrator and owner of BARITUS, a Catholic illustration studio devoted to creating works of art that “promote the Good, True and Beautiful of the Catholic Faith.” Working in a digital medium, Chris is dedicated to bringing the Catholic Faith to life through illustration in a way that is reverent and true to the rich artistic legacy of the Catholic Church, with a unique modern style that resonates with the faithful today.

As a convert to the Catholic Faith with a professional background of 18 years in marketing and graphic design and a love for illustration, the founding of BARITUS came to fruition for Chris through a parallel journey of discovering the truth of Christianity through Catholicism and a return to illustration after many years of focusing on his graphic design career. The two paths converged after a series of powerful intellectual and spiritual conversions, and the inspiration for establishing an illustration-based Catholic studio and brand focused on sharing the Catholic Faith through art was born.

Chris works with a wide range of Catholic clients including media and publication companies, Catholic parishes and ministries, and Catholic businesses. Chris also offers his original artwork on Catholic apparel, prayer cards, and other devotional items through his online shop.

Chris currently lives in Georgia with his wife Natalie and five children.

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