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Ascension Releases Nonpartisan Voting Guide for Catholics as Election Nears

[Exton, PA, August 18, 2020—]

“Clear Conscience: A Catholic Guide to Voting” Examines Principles and Issues Important to Catholics, While Remaining Neutral.

In the midst of a heated election season, Ascension has released a nonpartisan political guide for the voting Catholic. Clear Conscience identifies the responsibilities of Catholics when acting as voting citizens in the public square. It provides comprehensive guidance to help Catholics navigate the contentious issues facing the nation both in the 2020 Election, and beyond.  

Clear Conscience focuses first on the foundational political principles that underlie all political decisions, including natural law, moral responsibility, and prudential judgement. In the second portion of the book, particular issues are examined, with clear outlines of where Catholics must agree with each other, and where Catholics of goodwill can validly hold differing political opinions. 

“This book will not tell you who to vote for. That is a decision that only you can ultimately make,” explains Matthew Pinto, founder and president of Ascension. “Rather, the book will give you a framework from which your conscience can be formed, and thus, the guidance you will need to vote with a clear conscience.”

Through the insights in Clear Conscience, readers will learn:

  • What the rights of every person are
  • The universal responsibility to uphold and defend those rights
  • How Catholics understand specific political issues
  • How the Catholic tradition has contributed to a free and just society

The 2020 Election is set to be one of the most contentious elections in American history. Clear Conscience helps American Catholics chart a calm path through this storm while making reasonable, conscience-based political choices that honor both their faith and also their nation.

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