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Ascension Announces New Joy-Filled Marriage Program

[Exton, PA, July 5, 2018—] Ascension, the world leader in Faith Formation, released a new and updated version of its popular marriage prep program earlier this year.  The program, like its predecessor, is directed to engaged couples and is focused on explaining the meaning of the marriage covenant and the life skills needed to carry it out faithfully.

“The program addresses a new set of challenges for Catholic couples.  And it covers things like finances, conflict resolution, good communications and how to live the fullness of the church’s teaching on conjugal fidelity,” said Product Manager, Kate Camden.  “Young couples today face enormous pressures to conform to societal norms that are quite harmful to their marriage.  This program takes those issues head on and illuminates a clear path to a happy and fulfilled marriage.”

The new Joy-Filled Marriage program features one of the Church’s most gifted evangelists Christopher West, the man who popularized St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body throughout the world.  There are 5 “witness couples” also featured who share their day-to-day experiences in working to learn and master author Tom McCabe’s highly regarded Life Skills for Couples manual.

“This program is important because marriage is important,” Camden said.  “The renewal of the Church depends on the renewal of the family.  And good families all have one thing in common: a husband and wife who take their vows seriously and are committed to building an authentic and enduring love.

Media interested in more information on Ascension’s new Joy-Filled Marriage program, please contact Ascension at 484-876-1400 or newsroom@ascensionpress.com.